The Simple “Skew and Slew” Log delivery system

The ability to skew logs for maximum recovery is a must in today's market.  Maximizing recovery means, maximizing profits.  The Tru-Position infeed system is the only system that can accurately place skewed logs on a sharp chain as presented by the log turner.  Tru-Position places the log's center of mass on the center of the chain allowing the longest length timbers and boards to be produced with minimal trim loss.  In addition, the log is scanned for processing while it is firmly impaled on the sharp chain and does not have to make any more transitions leading into the canter twin.

The system includes our rugged Slant cant module that allows the heads to move on a slant causing the knife angle of attack remains consistent regardless of diameter, virtually eliminating snatching and surging as the log enters the canter.  Canter heads are typically mounted too high which cause surging particularly on smaller logs.  Our Stabilizer roll design further assists in eliminating log torqueing especially with uneven chip loads.  With surging and snatching eliminated, chipped face quality and sawing deviation are drastically improved.

Consistent accuracy on the opening pass is essential to success downstream.  Skewing ability allows larger and longer length timbers to be produced from every log.  Our reliable system components, superior dogging qualities and precision of the OSI chain consistently provide our customers with the highest payback in both the softwood and hardwood industries.

To learn more, you can read this feature article in Timber Processing on Langdale's Omega Tru-Position system.  Click the thumbnail to the right to view.