Better Dogging Action

OSI dog links are designed with a more aggressive spike that dogs easier and holds the log more securely.

Anti-tip Extensions for Even Dog Link Wear

OSI dog links have a longer foot print giving a more stable support base, more resistance to tipping of the dog link and more load bearing area. This means more even wear, more stability and longer life.

Stronger Connecting Link

Our connecting link is rated at 198,900 lbs. Break strength while the competitor’s is only 65,628 lbs. That is over 3 times as strong, which means less breakage, less down time and longer life.

Longer Pin\Connecting Link Life

Our pin bearing surface area is 1.53 Square inches compared to the competitor’s of only 1.09 Square inches. That is over 40% more area, which means lower pressure and longer life.

Less Pin Wear

OSI drills, bores and burnishes their links where competitors only drill theirs. OSI links have a harder and smoother wear surface in the pin holes, which last longer and wear better.

Longer Dog Link Life

OSI dog links are heavier and have more support closer to the pin holes. This eliminates distortion and pinching of the link ears when the pins are pressed in. This means true pin alignment and no pinching of the center bar. OSI also gives a true .25” Of available wear off of the bottom of the link.

More Fatigue Resistant

OSI connecting links have a smoother radius finish that eliminates harmful stress concentration areas that produce stress cracks and eventual premature breakage due to metal fatigue.