Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Exposition

The 32nd Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Exposition – Expo 2013 – will be held June 6-7, 2013, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. This biennial exposition has been sponsored and conducted by the Southern Forest Products Association since 1950. The 2013 event’s theme: Making the Grade.



Omega Solutions Tru-Position "Timber Procssing" Feature

When Langdale Forest Products rebuilt its sawmill in 1998, the company decided to go with a double length infeed feeding a canter/quad. “Everyone was doing DLIs then and we thought it was a good idea,” according to Vice President and General Manager Jim Langdale. “We were not as excited about its effectiveness as we thought we would be. It served its purpose but we never thought we made as good a cant as we should.”

The major problem, they eventually determined, was presenting the log to the sharp chain in the right position. “We would rotate a log, put it on the DLI and it would have 55 ft. to travel,” Langdale explains. “That is where we never felt like we got a real good job through the canter. With all the old DLIs you get some movement or rotation from the original scan as the log travels.”