Best equipment possible through Distilled thought!

At Omega, our goal is to provide our customers with the best equipment possible that allows them to run with the highest uptime and best accuracy…..How do we do this? Distilled thought! ™ We have a unique design approach that our engineering group uses for each and every project and machine.

The sawmill is probably on the most brutal environment for machinery. Sawmill equipment must be “hell for stout” in order to maintain accuracy and dependability on a daily basis. To accomplish this end, our engineering team applies our Distilled thought design process, Simple + Rugged=Reliable.

Simple: We design so that a machine is simple, easy to understand and deal with. We don’t make things so elaborate that a specially trained millwright is the only knowledgeable guy that can work on that piece of equipment.

Rugged: We design so that every component is strongly made and able to withstand the abuses of the sawmill. No piece of equipment can be better that it’s weakest link.

Reliable: We arrive at a product that is consistently superior in quality and performance, so that we provide our customers with the most dependable equipment and systems possible.